David James Robinson, Attorney at Law


Portland Metro:

Call: 971-266-4290

521 SW Clay St. Suite 107
Portland, OR 97201

Toledo, Oregon Office:

PO Box 398
Toledo, OR 97391

Email me here: https://davidjamesrobinson.com/contact/

Estate Planning

Business incorporation and business planning solutions

Family law (including divorce and custody), as well as advising on spousal-ownership of business entitles

Municipal and elections law for politicians, cities, and taxing districts

Nonprofit law (501(c)(3), (4), and (6))

To give back to the community, I also donate time free-of-charge to qualifying nonprofit organizations in their start-up phase to establish best practices for their boards of directors.

As a lawyer, it does neither me nor my clients’ any good if I help create a business that ends up failing – and we’ve all read the statistics, 90% of new business fail within five years. I want to be your lawyer five years down the road when it’s time to expand, replace equipment, and acquire property. I want to be your lawyer twenty years down the road when it’s time to sell the business or pass the business on to the next generation.

This is your life and your legacy. I am your lawyer.

~David Robinson

You don’t need great wealth to make great decisions. Whether you are interested in estate planning or putting together an efficient business, simple adjustments in the process can save you time and money. Here are things we can talk about:

  • Retirement withdraws
  • Maximizing your social security income by strategic claiming plans
  • Sheltering assets inside the corporate entity
  • Tax planning for estates and businesses
  • Tips and traps for new businesses
  • Whether it makes sense to add your spouse to your business

During this process I will provide frank dialogue that addresses your specific family dynamics, helping you to guide your ideal legacy.  I understand that complicated issues of loyalty and trust can cause conflict in a family or a business. Let me help you find your way to the best strategy.

Please take a few moments and read about me in the “About” section of this website. The reason I started my own law practice is that I am a community builder. The law is my vehicle to building healthier communities. Health and well-being is a choice, and that choice is founded upon core values of self-reliance, benevolence, and wisdom. That is what makes a community prosper.

~David Robinson

David was great and did a fast turnaround on the case at hand.  He communicated quickly by email and phone. I was pleased at him helping me close the matter within 30 hrs.


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