COVID-19 Employer Training Requirements – Manage your Exposure To Risk

Oregon OSHA requires employers to provide training to their employees. This training consists of 10 elements. The first four elements are covered by a 4-module training course. Employers must complete the remaining six industry specific training elements on their own. There are links within the training for employers to find information specific to their industry and to satisfy the remining six requirements (see below for the list). The training concludes with a course to complete. Upon successful completion, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Why do this?

Employer liability for COVID-19 workplace events in uncertain. Litigation will prove out the extent of employer liability for workplace outbreaks of COVID-19. However, workplace safety law is well-established by OSHA regulation and case law. Here we have Oregon OSHA providing a training course and certification of completion. Completing this training course, as well as implementing and keeping records of these items of compliance, is a tool that the employer can use to show that they did every reasonable measure to keep their employees safe.

Here is a link to the OSHA rule and guidance document:

Here is the four module course (time to complete about an hour)

The six remaining elements:

(1) Industry specific physical distancing;

(2) Mask, face covering, or shield requirements that are specific to the job duty or industry;

(3) COVID-19 sanitation requirements that are specific to the job duty or industry;

(4) COVID-19 signs and symptoms reporting procedures that are specific to the job duty or industry;

(5) COVID-19 infection notification process; and

(6) Medical removal as required by the rule.


A lot has happened since I last wrote about this topic.

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Thank you and be well.

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