May 12, 2020 dispatch: Oregon Governor’s Plan for Reopening

As you know, the Governor is beginning the process of reopening Oregon incrementally in both statewide and more regional steps. As you probably know, the Governor plans to open retail statewide on May 15.  There will be a forthcoming Executive Order with additional information. Until more specific direction is issued, we wanted to provide you with what we know as of now. We know that you will need to prepare your officers and staff for these changes.  Here are links to the most updated resources:

Overall strategy for re-opening Oregon (presentation by Nik Blosser, the Governor’s Chief of Staff):  

Guidance that applies statewide starting May 15, 2020:

Here are more details about retail, malls, and May 15.

    • Retail forced to close in EO 20-12, furniture/jewelry/boutiques are able to operate statewide under the new retail guidelines effective May 15. A forthcoming Executive Order will be issued to clarify the ability to operate under the baseline (pre-phase 1) conditions. These entities, along with all other retail must comply with the retail guidelines on May 15.
    • Retail in EO 20-12 that had an exclusion, grocery/health care/medical or pharmacy, no longer have an exclusion from operating differently than any other retail and need to now comply with the new retail guidelines. Retail guidelines are applicable statewide effective May 15.


Guidance that only applies to counties that enter Phase I:

Guidance already in place (already reopened):

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