Going Coastal

I am pleased to announce that David James Robinson, Attorney, has opened a second law practice location.

In 2017, I began working with a senior attorney in the lovely community of Toledo, OR. The five-year plan will be a transfer of ownership and operation of this law practice from the outgoing attorney, Paul Osterlund, to myself. This move was predicated on my belief in lifelong estate and retirement planning. You’re never too young (or too old) to think about where you want to be five, ten, or more years down the road.

Toledo, Oregon

My partner grew up in this area of Oregon and we talked about how and where we want to age together … and go figure, we couldn’t choose between Portland and the coast. So this move for us represents the intersection of good planning and good fortune. The fact that I can step into a 50-year old law practice means that I can keep working in Portland and at the same time establish myself on the coast and thereby lay a path into the future dreams.

There is no such thing as luck, merely opportunity meeting preparedness.
–George S. Patton Jr.

Law office of David James Robinson and Paul Osterlund in Toledo, Oregon.

The law practice has served Toledo for 50 years, and we are looking forward to another 50.

Law Practice

In addition to my established practice areas of estate planning, business transactions, and nonprofit law, Mr. Osterlund is teaching me trial practice skills. I am adding contested custody, divorce, and real estate transactions.

Also, we have signed a contract to provide city attorney services to the City of Toledo, OR, so I am adding yet another skill set to my toolkit — government law.

We are located at 217 S. Main St. in lovely downtown Toledo, Oregon.

We have been welcomed warmly by the residents of Toledo. We bought a house in town. Every day, I walk to the office and most days my dogs join me for the workday.

Managing two law practices in two parts of Oregon has some challenges. What this looks like for me is that I will be in Portland one or two long weekends every month.

Portland Practice

My Portland practice will work pretty much the way it has been working for the past three years — mobile, paper-less, appointments by bike/face-to-face/video chat. We have a home office that we use and we are located in NE Portland.

Nonprofit Work

I am maintaining a couple of my nonprofit board positions. In fact, I was elected to serve on the Oregon State Bar Solo and Small Firm Executive Committee.

Toledo Practice

In Toledo, there is a traditional brick an mortar business with all of the traditional office equipment. I don’t know if reverse Luddite is a thing but I had to relearn how to use a land-based telephone and fax machine — didn’t see that one coming. We see a lot of walk-in clients and take appointments.

David James Robinson's dog at the Port of Toledo dock.

Francesca at the Port of Toledo Dock

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