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Alternative Financing for Businesses and Start-Ups

Small Business Financing A few months back, it was my pleasure to attend an event titled, “Money on a Mission.” It was a showcase of business lenders that offer an alternative to traditional banking, either because they loan money to people who can’t get loans from traditional banks, or that the bank itself is mission-driven […]

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Are you gambling with your nonprofit tax-exempt status?

This article applies to gaming activities conducted by Oregon Nonprofit Corporations that have been granted tax-exempt status under IRC 501(c)(3) and are classified as a public charity. It does not apply to entities granted 501(c)(3) status and classified as a foundation and it does not apply to entities granted exempt status under other sections of […]

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Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons to See an Estate Planner

  Let’s face it. Considering the finality of life is not something any one really looks forward to. We envision the parade of horribles: infirmity, financial distress, loss of our partners and friends. But face it, we must. Planning for the years leading up to death and making arrangements for your estate is a way […]

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