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COVID-19 Employer Training Requirements – Manage your Exposure To Risk

Oregon OSHA requires employers to provide training to their employees. This training consists of 10 elements. The first four elements are covered by a 4-module training course. Employers must complete the remaining six industry specific training elements on their own. There are links within the training for employers to find information specific to their industry […]

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This month, two of my business clients received “notices” that it is time to file their annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State. The notices came from a company called “Workplace Compliance Services” (WCS). I am also the registered agent for these clients. Third Party Solicitation Scams There are signs that the notice is […]

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How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

How do I start a nonprofit organization? I hear this question often and I credit anyone who wants to take on the great responsibility of starting a nonprofit and giving back to community. First and foremost, the word “nonprofit” encompasses many ideas. When we say that we want to start a “nonprofit” in Oregon, what […]

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