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May 12, 2020 dispatch: Oregon Governor’s Plan for Reopening

As you know, the Governor is beginning the process of reopening Oregon incrementally in both statewide and more regional steps. As you probably know, the Governor plans to open retail statewide on May 15.  There will be a forthcoming Executive Order with additional information. Until more specific direction is issued, we wanted to provide you […]

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This month, two of my business clients received “notices” that it is time to file their annual report with the Oregon Secretary of State. The notices came from a company called “Workplace Compliance Services” (WCS). I am also the registered agent for these clients. Third Party Solicitation Scams There are signs that the notice is […]

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Going Coastal

I am pleased to announce that David James Robinson, Attorney, has opened a second law practice location. In 2017, I began working with a senior attorney in the lovely community of Toledo, OR. The five-year plan will be a transfer of ownership and operation of this law practice from the outgoing attorney, Paul Osterlund, to […]

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Are You An Employer? Do You Use Credit History as a Pre-employment Screening Tool?

Do You Use Credit History in Your Employment Screening? If so, read on. The decision handed down by the 9th Circuit in January, 2017, in Syed v. M-1, LLC addressed a “question of first impression”, meaning that this is new law. The question presented is “whether a prospective employer may satisfy the Fair Credit Reporting […]

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How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

How do I start a nonprofit organization? I hear this question often and I credit anyone who wants to take on the great responsibility of starting a nonprofit and giving back to community. First and foremost, the word “nonprofit” encompasses many ideas. When we say that we want to start a “nonprofit” in Oregon, what […]

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Doing Things Differently

I recently had the opportunity to review a commercial lease. The client sent it to me on a Thursday with no date certain for the signing. On the following Sunday, Easter Sunday morning, the client text messaged me that the signing is the following day. One day earlier, a lawyer blog was circulating around the various […]

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