Doing Things Differently

I recently had the opportunity to review a commercial lease. The client sent it to me on a Thursday with no date certain for the signing. On the following Sunday, Easter Sunday morning, the client text messaged me that the signing is the following day. One day earlier, a lawyer blog was circulating around the various […]

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Welcome friends to 2014.

This entry is an introduction to my blog for my law practice. Welcome. Please visit my website, Once there, you will find a link to my new facebook page, twitter feed and RSS feed. If you use facebook, please press “like” on my page. Follow me on twitter. Subscribe to my RSS feed, a […]

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Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons to See an Estate Planner

  Let’s face it. Considering the finality of life is not something any one really looks forward to. We envision the parade of horribles: infirmity, financial distress, loss of our partners and friends. But face it, we must. Planning for the years leading up to death and making arrangements for your estate is a way […]

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